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Søren works with our lathes

It is with great accuracy, Søren programs and prepares our lathes for production - propriety is essential in his work.

Søren_ansigt 300x350.jpg

Casper manage the lapping

New, smart solutions create development and Casper's goal is to create the best solution as quickly as possible.

Casper_CNC-turning_CNC_milling_Plan Lapper

Jan manage our CNC turning

Sense of responsibility is a core value in Aleks Steen ApS - to Jan quality equals orderliness.

Jan_CNC turning

Leo manage machines alone

With his large overview, Leo keep our machines running when everyone else is off.

Leo_Machine operator at machine factory

Morten is Technical Director and co-owner of Aleks Steen.

With over 98% delivery reliability and a low error rate, Morten guarantees high product quality every day. 

Morten_ansigt 300x350.jpg

Lars manage our CNC milling

Via development of software tools for our CNC milling machines, Lars produces many quality components.

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