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Flemming Steen, Jørgen Larsen, Morten Steen_Maskinfabrik Aleks Steen

The history of Aleks Steens family business 

We believe being a family business gives an extra strength to Aleks Steen Ltd. as we have a close and daily dialogue on business operations. We are 4 dedicated leaders, three brothers and a brother in law who has worked at Aleks Steen Ltd. for over 30 years. Our overall experience and close cooperation makes the company strong on many fronts.

We took over the company by a generational shift in 2004 after Aleks Steen, who founded the company back in 1978. He started the company on 30 m2 in the village of Hem - today we have more than 3,500 m2 of modern and functional environment in Skanderborg.

Over the years, the staff has also grown from a single person to today 31 employees, and we have gone from 1 to 30 CNC machines.

The three owners, together has over 80 years of experience, therefore can customers enjoy the fact that the company is being driven on the same quality principles as under Aleks Steens management.

The mutual trust between the customers and Aleks Steen ApS is a fundamental value to us and to ensure a good result.

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