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Dear costumer / Supplier

At Aleks Steen ApS, we take the Personal Data Regulation seriously, as do all other legislation. Despite the relatively small and insensitive personal data, it is important to us that you as a customer / supplier know that we work professionally and confidentially with your information.

As a customer / supplier at Aleks Steen ApS, you need to know that we process personal data about you, for what purposes we treat them and about your rights as registered with us. The personal data we process about you includes only ordinary personal data. Typically your name, work email and work phone. For all companies, the company name, address and CV number are also included. We store and use this information so that we are able to maintain a good working relationship with you as a customer / supplier, and to be able to deliver / receive your goods easily and invoice you correctly / pay you correctly. We process your personal data internally in the office.













På Persondatapolitik, kan du kan læse yderligere information om behandlingen af persondata hos

Aleks Steen ApS.   

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