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High-tech machine factory with high delivery rate

Aleks Steen ApS is a small company, but Technical Director, Morten Steen and the rest of the factory create unique, customer specific solutions every day. At the same time, the company has a high delivery rate and a quality manager that keeps orders tight with a low error rate.

”It makes me proud that we, as a small company, deliver over 98% of our orders within the agreed deadline and with very few mistakes. We guarantee our products 100%. It really means a lot for me that we only supply Danish-produced components from our own production and in collaboration with other Danish specialists in the industry.”

The fact that Aleks Steen ApS deliver custom-made components tailored to our customer’s wishes is largely due to the production’s high-tech machinery, which is continuously upgraded with new technology. Hence Morten and his colleagues are always ready to solve customer-specific tasks both quickly and in terms of quality, and with great consideration for the future’s high demands for environmental responsibility.


A well-run business also takes responsibility for the employees and the environment

Many associate running a business with black numbers on the bottom line. At Aleks Steen ApS we work based on the principle of the Three P’s: People – Profit – Planet and therefore only deliver products that we ourselves are fully responsible for.

”To us a well-run business is about delivering high quality at the right price, but it is also about creating good working conditions for the employees and taking responsibility for our environment in the future”.


Morten Steen and his two co-owners, Flemming Steen and Jørgen Larsen, see minimising the company’s overall CO2 footprint as essential to running a healthy business. Even if small businesses are not yet legally obliged to report a climate footprint, it is about lifting a shared responsibility, and here is no one too small to participate.

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