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”Perfection is my work”

The factory of Aleks Steen ApS is quite small but due to our high standards of quality, we have order agreements with large companies. Responsibility is a shared core value within Aleks Steen ApS that Jan Bille Olesen values highly.

”Everything I work on needs to be perfect. To me quality is about orderliness and care. I manage the CNC-turning machines. My work motivation is putting effort into my job and seeing the final result being exactly as it should be without sharp edges”.

Orderliness also applies when the product is finished and must be packed for the customer. The components need to be neatly placed in the boxes and packed so that they are not damaged during transport. And in general, a delivery must make a good impression when it arrives at our customers.


Together we create high quality

”We help each other with the tasks. This way we create the best solutions that make our customers return. I am happy to be a part of a company where we collaborate on creating products that always live up to the customer’s expectations”.


In Aleks Steen ApS our common goals about responsibility and quality are obvious in our working day. Each employee takes responsibility for their own work and therefore also plan their own working tasks, which they really enjoy. Everyone knows that there is always a colleague ready to help if a pair of extra hands are needed, hence we jointly take responsibility for developing customer-specific solutions of high quality.

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