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Cooperation and freedom walk hand in hand

In Aleks Steen ApS all three CEOs meet in their workshop clothes as everyone else in the company. Søren cooperate with our technical CEO, Morten, to prepare three of our lathes and a robot that controls two more lathes. The equal working relationships between the employees and the management take us far in our work – everyone talks and works together to achieve the company’s common goals and all are free to manage their own working day and tasks.

”I manage my own working time and how I want to approach my tasks. I have a good collaboration with Morten, we can always discuss challenges and solve all kinds of situations during our working day. We discuss things togehter and I can always suggest my ideas for production changes or for programming the machines”.

Proud of propriety at work

It is not necessarily a matter of course that you have a proper tone and great mutual trust in the workplace, or that in a machine shop you are committed to keeping things systematic. But a good tone and order in the workshop actually has great value for the employees.

”We sort our waste into different fractions. I appreciate that we clean up and keep the workshop clean. It is important that it is nice for everyone to be here – also psychologically that we treat each other properly. Therefore, good cooperation with my colleagues and managers means a lot to me”.

The pride in a proper workplace also rubs of on work. Søren enthusiastically talks about how he ensures that the customer’s product drawings are brought to life via his programming of the lathe’s digital control. Hence, Søren and his colleagues ensure a high degree of both precision and product quality – everyone thrives on being able to largely define the work themselves and knows that they can always seek help from each other to deliver our customers the best possible solutions.

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