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Working alone with a large overview

Just before lunchtime, Leo Sørensen turns up for work. He manage all the machines when his colleagues take their lunchbreak and stays at the workshop when everyone else is off. In this way, we maintain a stable flow in production for the most possible hours of the day.

Leo manages large parts of the workshop; he makes sure that all productions run as planned throughout the day. He also ensures that some productions are started to run at night before he takes the evening off himself.


”It requires good planning to keep all the machines running and maintain a high degree of efficiency. I feel good about planning my own working day, it do not stress me that a machine has to wait a while for me to operate it”.

Small family company with great self-determination and lots of humour

In Aleks Steen ApS we have a different atmosphere than in large production companies. Our goals are always to keep a high level of efficiency and quality, but we have a flat organization structure, where everyone are each other’s colleagues – we talk and laugh together during our working days. Flemming and Morten Steen own the company together with Jørgen Larsen, all three of them turn up at work dressed in Aleks Steen-work uniform and work together with their employees in the production.

”All the directors work with production, which is quiet unique for our company. For me, there is great value in a place where everyone – including my bosses – has a feel for production, and where I can determine the order of my tasks on my own. We know each other well, have a good sense of humuor. Laughing together with my colleagues is really important to me”.


In Aleks Steen ApS we take action. We test new ideas to optimize our production as best as possible and can generally quickly adjust production according to customers needs and new methods.

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