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One of few – Casper thinks smart and creates strong solutions

Aleks Steen ApS provides different processings of steel and iron components and as ons of the few in Denmark, we also supply the lapping process, which our Industrial Technician Casper Petersen manage. In the lapping process he sharpens the components with a round whetstone and diamond fluid until they become completely flat and smooth on the surface.

”It means a lot to me that my solutions are of high quality and work ideally for the company, my own work process and for the climate. Together with my work partner, Martin, I think through the various processes more efficiently and consider more environmentally raw materials in the lapping, such as water based flushing fluid in stead of the previous oil-based fluid”.

Production optimisation is about thinking smart and strong solutions; now Casper has reduced the production time by 80% and uses correspondingly less fluid in the process.

Professional enthusiasts always find new insight

”I am very passionate about my profession which is why I spend a lot of my time searching for new knowledge within my field of expertise. In addition to lapping, I also work with milling and turning of our components, I am the only employee in Aleks Steen ApS who makes precision measurements of the components with a Zeiss 3D measuring machine. I just love to find new professional insight when browsing through Youtube videos and news stories from other companies in the metal branches, which I follow at the social medias”.

New, smart solutions create development and Casper’s goal is always to make the best solution in shortest time. New insight and constantly following developments, knowledge in his field is his best tool to continuously create smart, strong solutions that exude perfectionism and high quality for the benefit of both Aleks Steen ApS, himself, his colleagues and ultimately for our environment.

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