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The overall experience ensures the good quality

Aleks Steen Ltd is a machine factory specializing in machining of materials such as steel, stainless steel, castings, aluminum, and as different metals as brass, copper and bronze and all types of plastic materials. Furthermore we manufacture complete single- and doubledacting hydraulic cylinders. All parts that we produce are adapted to customers wishes.
Aleks Steen Ltd has a modern production with more than 30 CNC machines and manufactures in small and large quantities as well as individual assignments.
Aleks Steen Ltd is subsupplier to some of Denmarks largest industrial companies and due to this we have an indirect export of 95% of our production. Amongst others we supply to the windmill industry, producers of agricultural machinery, refrigeration compressors and speakers as well as parts for transportation, packaging and sorting facilities.

Whatever the size of the order, our 20 employees make a point of honor in accuracy and good finish and we emphasize on mutual trust between our clients and Aleks Steen Ltd.

The company was founded by Aleks Steen in 1978, and our history is almost classical. It all started at approximately 30 square meters in Hem, the company grew bigger and in 1993 we took the consequense and moved to our present premises in Skanderborg. Today we have more than 3.500 square meters and there is still room for expansion.

  • To build close and long lasting customer relationships

  • To call for permanent contracts in favor of both parties

  • To be an accurate and reliable supplier of quality products

  • To be ready to take on urgent orders

  • To deliver on time

  • To maintain and renew the machinery, so that production remains optimal


We are processing in following materials: 

Aluminium   Bronze   Copper  l  Brass  l  Plastic  l  Stainless steel  l  Steel  l  Castings

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