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Quality on time with great success

Like all his colleagues in Aleks Steen ApS, Martin Madsen manage more machines at the same time: he manage the welding department and works with the turning and the milling machines and produces customer specified components of high standards. The great thing about his work is that he has every opportunity to succeed, he uses his great expertise to make the best possible use of the machines’ production potential.

For Martin, a success criterium is being able to produce more in less time and use a minimum of raw materials. This minimum-waste idea, he shares with his colleagues and together with his work partner, Casper Petersen, he constantly works purposefully to create the most optimal production.

”It is important to me to meet my deadlines, I take pride in following the company’s ISO 9001 standards for quality management. Therefore, it has only happened very few times that an order is delayed. My goal is always to deliver the product with a high focus on quality, so that the customer has no reason to find another supplier”.

Driven by responsibility and various areas of work

There is always many things to do in the machine workshop, which motivates Martin and his colleagues to think of smart solutions: How can we produce more products in less time? What will it take if we are to optimise the production itself and use fewer or more environmentally friendly raw materials?


”New ideas to produce smarter challenge my professionalism and willingness to seek out new knowledge in the field. It also gives me room to give and take responsibility in my work and help give it a direction myself, and that is the best of all. I love having varying work areas with different tasks and responsibilities”.


When Aleks Steen Aps needs new apprentices, it is also Martin who takes care of the process of finding candidates with the right match and the actual training in our machines and work processes. With a great degree of self-discipline, Martin and his colleagues represent the sense of responsibility and understanding of the customer’s needs, which is our core point and the epitome of high quality at Aleks Steen ApS.

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