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A working day full of trust and spaciousness

Jette Tanderup Falck is the bookkeeper at Aleks Steen ApS and every day makes the figures come together for both the company and the employee’s salaries. In addition, Jette is also responsible for keeping our staff association going through different social activities for the employees. A job with a multitude of functions that requires specialized knowledge in bookkeeping, HR, and ERP systems as well as payroll and employment relations. Jette keeps up to date on legislation in her area of expertise and is happy to help answer questions about all kinds of things that others do not know.


“People in the company have high expectations of me; that I can do everything. I just want to solve things, so I always find an answer. It is important to me to have things under control, which is why I have made a weekly work schedule to keep a track of all my different tasks so that I am not neglecting anything”.

In a small company like Aleks Steen ApS, all employees are responsible for their own tasks and many times the individual employee has several job functions at the same time. Jette manages her projects but also steps in to help when for example our product assistant takes time off. For Jette, a good sense of well-being at work is equal to the responsibility she experiences through trust from colleagues and management, as well as a great deal of mutual openness within the company.

Communication and openness give opportunities

”At Aleks Steen ApS we are aware of taking on an environmental responsibility together. The most important thing, as I see it, is to communicate with the world around us and show the outside world that we support current environmental legislation. Openness creates important relationships with our customers and business partners”.

Our purpose of Aleks Steen ApS is to create a good business, but the internal collaboration to create a more environmentally responsible production makes Jette and her colleagues proud of their work. Digitisation is an important step, just as it is also important for the company to communicate openly about for our working day in general. Communication paves the way for communities both internally for Jette and her colleagues, but equally between Aleks Steen ApS and our outside world.

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